We are 360

We are a family; a community of players with a passion for creating the blueprint of the next successful project – and then delivering it 

Because we are so passionate about what we believe in, it is infectious.

Team 360 is certainly not a paragon of virtue; we love food – any excuse for a bash! See Coffee culture in the Workplace

We love banter but are totally loyal – to each other, (and to you, as we reckon to adopt every customer into the team).

We are restlessly questing for a better way to do things – efficient doesn’t have to be boring; we set ourselves high targets and go all out to achieve them.  If it wasn’t such a cliché – “work hard, play hard” would be bang on.

In short, 360 is refreshingly ‘un-corporate’ but play for the highest stakes. We’re a creator of places that really work and are successful, places that people want to come back to.

And with 30 years’ experience in crafting great workplaces we are more than just great ideas. We have the knowledge and ability to breathe new life into your workplace – energising your team, assisting you in driving culture change, improving efficiencies…. oh, and we also create fantastic office interiors. 10 questions to ask your Office design company.

We're here for you

We are all human here, and we love to talk! Just dial us on 0370 360 2470 or leave your details below and we will be right there.