Office Space Planning

The greatest challenge of any office or commercial fit out project is how to use the space available effectively, to maximise its efficiency and give you the healthiest return on your investment. Even the most aesthetically pleasing space will not benefit your business if space planning has not been the key consideration!

Three Hundred & Sixty Degrees includes expert space planning in all our designs. We undertake an in-depth analysis of exactly how the space is to be used – it’s a fundamental element of the design process and will shape the outcome of the project. Everything from storage requirements, who different teams work closely with, even the location of the printers is assessed.

We also work closely with you to determine how your growth goals, current business needs, and your IT infrastructure can best be used to give you the space that you need. Smart space planning means that your office space is future-proofed. Our space planner has the capabilities to transform a cramped office into a spacious workplace that benefits employees and the business alike by optimising the space available. Not only will we conceptualise your office, we will help you visualise it in 3D, and offer to show you in our new Oculus GO headsets.

Our skilled in-house designers create a series of 2D plans that outline the zones of the space and the activities that will take place in them. These scale drawings include desk configurations, storage, printers, tea points, cellular offices as well as showing how people will move through the space. Efficient workflow is essential, and space planning gives the opportunity for space to maximised. Once we have identified the best office space planning solution, we create a 3D CAD model of the space. This helps you to visualise the layout and gives you the opportunity to ‘walk through’ the design.

Three Hundred & Sixty Degrees are promoters of efficiency. We create innovative, flexible design solutions that incorporate all aspects of the modern dynamic working environment - hot-desking, informal meeting points, social and break out spaces, while maintaining more private spaces for concentrated tasks.

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