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So many of our waking hours are spent at the office, but workspace design can significantly influence how we feel about going! 

A poor workplace design that restricts how people move around the office, how they perform their tasks and interact with each other can negatively impact on efficiency, productivity and importantly - the workplace culture

Three Hundred & Sixty Degrees specialises in office interior solutions, and our office designers are specialist in creating an office layout that enhances employee wellbeing, productivity and visitor perceptions. The designs that we create for you are brand enhancing, and inspired by your business’s core beliefs, goals and mission statement – everything that we include adds value, motivates, and supports your business for growth.

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Your office interiors should heighten your employees’ experience of work. This not only benefits them personally but boosts the workplace culture that is critical to a business’s success – employees need to feel valued, motivated, engaged and inspired. You can’t tell an employee how to enjoy work, but you can take steps to influence their experiences positively.

Our office design service is bespoke for each client’s business. Each business is unique and needs a tailored approach to gain the most from an office redesign. At the start of an office interior design project, we assess your current working practices and help you to identify how you would like to be working – what works now and what elements need improving on. We design and create the perfect office space that matches your company brand and ethos.

The concepts that we design and create will not only satisfy your current office interiors requirements but take into consideration the future plans for your business. We use the latest design technology to help you visualise and feel the end product. We put a plan in place to ensure that the office redesign causes minimum interruption to your business. It’s a seamless process that we have perfected over the years. 

Office Design

If you are planning a small office interior design update or a complete commercial interiors renovation, we have a specialist team of designers who can transform your workspace into an efficient, collaborative, functional and contemporary office.

Whether you want to liven things up with wall graphics or new partitions, or if you are looking for a complete office interior project, Three Hundred & Sixty Degrees can give you the help that you need. We can design and project manage any or all of your staff working areas including washrooms, reception areas, eating areas and break out spaces.

In the past we have worked with all sizes of companies, universities, colleges and schools, all with different budgets and time constraints. We only work with trusted and reliable contractors who we know can provide quality workmanship and who we have strong relationships with. No matter what your budget or time constraints are, Three Hundred & Sixty Degrees can help you create the perfect office interior.

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