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If you are considering changing your workplace now is the time to think about different ways of working and different styles and layouts. Great office design is about much more than just office décor; good designers know how to bring the best of current trends and practise into your workplace to make sure your people have an office environment best suited to your tasks and culture.  And this may well be a departure from a rigid ‘one person/one desk’ approach.  With the massive increase in remote working, and the wholesale reliance on the cloud, the demands and expectations from the workplace have shifted, with much more emphasis being put on more variety of spaces being used for a shorter duration. See also

Sometimes it is difficult to imagine how you could do something any different from ‘bland’ in your proposed workspace.  So to help you to create your blueprint for your next workplace we have taken a conventional rectangular office building, and given it 3 different treatments to demonstrate how you can achieve practically anything in any space – with a little imagination!

Neutral Corporate

Still the best layout for some organisations.  This works on the premise of every staff member occupying the same sized workstation – regardless of what their job actually is, and ignoring the fact that they may work outside of the office at some points.

The total capacity in this layout is:            124

                                Meeting Rooms:               1

Vibrant Corporate

Spacious and welcoming; this floor feels so much more alive than the previous model and delivers an increased headcount.  With an increased emphasis on activity based working (where you work in the best place for each specific task) the tea-point has opened up to be a more social dining area, and there are more meeting and collaboration spaces

Total capacity for this layout is:                  131                                 

                            Meeting Rooms:               3

Creative Agile

As the name suggests, this layout breaks with tradition in favour of a completely agile approach to work.  This space aims to be somewhere that staff really want to be; it has a real variety of spaces to support everything from silent focus work, through collaborative, to contemplation….and beyond.  There is no line of distinction between the canteen area (better known as the Bistro) and the collaborative working zone.  And despite feeling so relaxed and open, still delivers 20 more working positions than the neutral space plan of the same building.


Total capacity for this layout is:                  184

                           Meeting Rooms:               2 Closed, 9 open

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