Posted on August 10, 2017

Free lunches, on-site gyms, yoga classes and unlimited holidays

These are just some of the more unusual perks given to employees by businesses all over the world. But why?

So why are employers providing above and beyond the statutory requirements to their workforces? I’ll tell you why. Productivity and efficiency equals results.

Businesses are realising that just simply paying their staff a wage isn’t good enough anymore. Employees wants to feel appreciated and needed - once this happens their work rate and work ethics increase. This produces a higher yield on ROI for businesses. This in turn means more accumulated profit for a business, as people want to work - rather than having to!

Another major benefit that a business receives from this form of culture is the ability to cherry pick the best candidates. When you have a business that treats the staff amazingly who wouldn’t want to work for them? I know I would. An article on, shows that the employees of Twitter love working for the business as the perks of yoga classes and rooftop meetings are a big plus for them. They stated that being able to work with the smartest people and have an impact in their work ignites their motivation. With this sense of presence around the business, it would make any of the elite graduates want to choose twitter or indeed your business as their destination for the future.


One of the biggest entrepreneurs in the world agrees with this - Richard Branston has introduced an unlimited vacation policy, a Forbes article reports. The idea is, that if the employees want to have the time off with no hesitation, then the work they produce needs to be up to date and at its best quality. He revealed on the Virgin website that he learned the idea from his daughter. She showed him how some businesses productivity and creativity has shot through the roof since using this approach and how beneficial it can be.

Google are a biggish business who some people may have heard of before, right? Well, they use food as work perks.  They provide free canteens which stock gourmet food from breakfast to dinner time allowing employees to save time and money, jealous? so are we. This type of incentive is becoming more popular and has a track record of proven results when it comes to increased motivation. Showing that once again providing perks creates a better working environment and more incentived employees.

So, this article could be a good read for a boss trying to increase motivation, or an employee wanting some evidence to get free lunch. Either way - Enjoy!

By Ajeet Moore 

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