Posted on July 28, 2017

Featured Article in Derby Telegraph 4th July 2017

Motorpoint has taken over a former factory to house its head office and national call centre operations and called in fellow Derby business ThreeHundredandSixtyDegrees to handle the entire fit-out project.

The design team at ThreeHundredandSixtyDegrees set themselves the challenge to create a new work space like no other in Derby – as far from a standard office as possible whilst still performing as the company’s UK call centre.

The overall finish is clean and contemporary – embracing the building’s industrial roots with an urban, stripped-back design interspersed with vibrant and relaxed seating. The call centre is housed on the first floor created by ThreeHundredandSixtyDegrees’ contractors with a mezzanine floor. This has been designed to provide flexibility for further growth and contain the inevitable noise of a busy operation.

There are also extensive training rooms, one to one coaching pods and break out spaces- complete with artificial grass. The design incorporates a mural designed by a member of the Motorpoint workshop team who is an accomplished graffiti artist and bespoke graphics throughout the building.


The ground floor accommodates a new reception area, directors’ offices along with other departments such as HR, IT, Marketing and Customer Care in a combination of open plan and cellular offices.

At the heart of the office are bespoke-designed meeting pods based on a shipping container concept with glass sides- providing private meeting facilities whilst still being part of the work area.

Online General Manager Ian Rowley explained that the call centre team handled up to 5,000 calls a week and the new office environment needed to create just the right environment to support their pressurised workloads.

“We had outgrown our old centre and needed room for future growth so the decision was made to refurbish a former factory. We were keen to use a local firm to handle this for us and brought in ThreeHundredandSixtyDegrees to handle the project from design to completion.

“We needed a work environment that has the appropriate work space but is also an environment that people can enjoy - reflecting the fast-paced nature of our work as well as the energetic and fun atmosphere here. The breakout areas are very important to give everyone the opportunity to have that timeout to recharge their batteries.

“We invest very heavily in coaching and training so a lot of the design was focussed towards giving the management team the environment to work their magic and reinforces the companies coaching culture. Now that everyone has settled in, the new work environment has led to a totally different culture at work. We have relaxed breakout and canteen areas where everyone can have a chat and chill out but when they are at the desks – it is a focused and driven work environment. This has resulted in better efficiency and productivity which has already translated into bottom line benefits.”

Mr Rowley added that the increased efficiency and growth in online car sales has led to a need to urgently recruit new candidates to the team

“We are planning a recruitment drive this summer. Now that we have this fantastic work environment, we are confident that we will attract the right people who will appreciate the facilities and be proud of where they work. This calibre of candidates will contribute greatly to us growing the business even further.”

He concluded: “ThreeHundredandSixtyDegrees have done a spectacular job – delivering a high-quality work environment that creates a feel-good factor and positive vibe amongst the team.”

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