Posted on January 03, 2017

Workspace consultancy ThreeHundredandSixtyDegrees says that ‘home from home’ is the key trend in office design for 2017. Finding the right balance between the personal and the professional will inspire employees and customers alike.

Dotcom pioneers like Google have led the way towards laidback office styles, with quirky design features and break-out spaces.  While that level of informality isn’t right for every business, careful planning means any company can bring that ‘home from home’ feeling while still highlighting their professionalism.
That’s why we work closely with companies to ensure that designs reflect not only their brand values but also provide staff with a level of comfort and confidence to inspire creativity.

Choose an overall style that can be adapted room by room.  That way, customer-facing areas can be subtler in style while staff rooms go bolder, while still projecting a consistent brand personality. In key working areas, clever use of design can add style even as it brings flexibility to how spaces are used.  Dividing offices into zones doesn’t mean putting up partitions.  You can use graphics, plants, lighting, colours and furniture to create dedicated areas for different teams or functions but still have a big enough area to gather everybody together when needed.


With more of us working flexible hours or switching between different office locations, avoid empty desks by being flexible about where people sit.  Have a variety of options to suit different needs, from quiet rooms for ideal for knuckling down on a tricky task, to break-out space for group brainstorming sessions.  

The finishing touch to make the office truly a home from home is to have great communal areas. Don’t forget to have spaces where people can go to eat their lunch, have a cup of coffee, talk, laugh and relax.

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