Posted on July 31, 2017

Two heads are better than one, or so they reckon. So how about four? Or ten, even?

‘Co-working’ is something of a recent and exciting change in the design and daily operation of more modern and flexible working environments – and means you need never work alone or in isolation ever again.

So while that’s bad news for the loners amongst you, it’s great news for the forward-thinking businesses out there who want to make the most of the company of others, working in a space that gives the opportunity to collaborate, share ideas and skills and enjoy a flexibility not usually afforded by the traditional office environment.

Put a number of likeminded businesses together in the same co-working space and the chances for collaboration grow and grow. But while co-working spaces encourage interaction and co-operation, this doesn’t come at a cost to those who need to focus, knuckle down and get specific tasks done. Separate work booths and individual module offices or meeting rooms can sit around the periphery of the main open, shared space. The central area can be designed with spaces to sit and talk, discuss or even break out your lunchtime salad and sandwiches. Speaking of food, a communal kitchen at one end of the space is a great place to chat while making coffee, or to pull up a barstool and have a chinwag over lunch. The possibilities are endless. Exciting, eh?


These sociable settings encourage those who work there to share ideas and advice and are just perfect for startups, creative businesses and freelancers who are looking to expand what they do into a bigger space without having to commit to the expensive overheads associated with renting an entire office.

And aside from all that, they’re fun places to work too. The more social the setting, the better the design, layout and aesthetics of the space, the more you feel encouraged to roll out of bed in the morning and head in.

So, if you’re considering setting up a co-working space, then speak to us here at ThreeHundredandSixtyDegrees. We’re the experts when it comes to creative office design and seamless, efficient installation. Give us a call on 0370 360 2470 or drop us a line.

And when it’s all built and finished, we’ll pop in for a social catch-up in your new co-working space so that you can tell us in person how much you love it!

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