Posted on February 06, 2017

Plants help sharpen your focus, reduce noise, improve your health, purify the air and can also help de-stress. By adding a few plants around the office, it not only creates a better environment to work in but is proven to reduce sickness and absence.

The Telegraph reports “Office environments with greenery and natural light can boost workplace productivity by 6% and increase employee well-being and creativity by 15%, according to the Human Spaces report.

However, this information is now really beginning to build momentum as it moves from a lone cactus on the window sill through to an entire office design based around flora and fauna, with the sole objective of bringing the outdoors inside.


As an office design concept, it is being embraced on all levels – as natural materials are being used to create a complete outdoor environment. Everything from stripped-back wooden flooring and natural-wood desk tops through to indoor hanging baskets instead of wall graphics and even water features.   Carpet which looks like grass can also help to give the illusion of an outdoor space, like in this recent installation from ThreeHundredAndSixtyDegrees which brought Green Park into a London themed meeting room.


As the government pushes businesses to become increasingly aware of their carbon footprint, and productivity remains a focus for UK businesses emerging from the economic downturn, we think this trend will become more and more popular.

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