Posted on April 20, 2017

Office design and work space within your business is one of those things you know is important and something you should put more time into, but there is always something else to think about.
We understand that you’re busy with the daily tasks of running your business but here are 5 reasons why office design is a crucial part of business success:

1. Lighting creates happy people

Having the correct lighting extends way beyond desk lamps and strip lighting. Every element of your office design needs to consider the lighting in terms of requirements of the space.

For example, what impact do you want your reception space to create? The lighting needs to consider both the reception staff and their daily needs but also, the needs of your guests and visitors. If your reception area is also a point of sale or display space, it may need to light up service areas or products display cases differently to the actual counter area.

Lighting can also be used to subtly guide visitors through your work space by highlighting areas you want them to notice or use e.g. staircases or meeting rooms.

Think about how you could use lighting in your office design to create a more practical and peaceful working environment for everyone using it.

2. Clear desks create clear minds

It is a well know philosophy that working in a tidy environment can help people to be more organised and less stressed. So, it stands to reason that you should be considering this in your next office design.

But how can you create a clear, tidy office design I hear you say? Well, the answer lies in clever use of storage space, office furniture that is suitable for the space it sits in combined with the clever use of innovative partitioning.

A good office design company can take a space, understand the needs of the staff and business and create a tidy yet functional space.

3. Inspire creativity from the walls

Wall space is so often overlooked in office design and it is a shame. Wall graphics and signage can be used to create atmosphere, inspire creativity and reinforce the culture of the business.

Don’t just plump for magnolia walls, ask your office design team to consider your brand, culture, industry and staff when they are creating your new workplace.


4. Branded furniture creates a sense of brand loyalty and inclusivity

It may sound a little cheesy but having your brand represented in the office furniture can really create a sense of belonging and togetherness. There are subtle ways to incorporate your brand in your office design including carpet colours and chair fabric colours that complement each other and echo your brand colours.

Furniture in break-out spaces and informal meeting areas can all go a long way to bringing your brand, subtly, into your office design.

5. It’s not just about the office…

Understanding that office design is not just about ‘the office’ is the best thing you can do for your business. Every space your staff, customers or visitors interact with in your business can play a part in how they view and engage with your business.

We have already touched on the importance of getting your reception area right but what if the visitor toilets were in a terrible state of disrepair? You can only make one first impression so it’s important that your look at all of your work spaces when you come to move offices or refurbish your existing location.

The golden rule when running your business is to make sure your staff and customers have everything they need to have a great experience with your company and that includes their surroundings.

For more information about office design or to discuss a refurbishment project, get in touch on 0370 360 2470.

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