Posted on June 08, 2017

1. Why do we need an office redesign?

This is an essential question you should ask yourself before you embark on redesigning your office space. The answer will shape all of the decisions you’ll be asked to make throughout the process.

2. Who does our new office design need to cater for?

This is always a question we will ask our clients because it is essential we provide designs that will enable your staff and not hinder them.

However, depending on which areas of your workspace you are redesigning, you may need to think about other stakeholders. For example, if you are having new reception furniture to make the perfect first impression, don’t forget the washrooms in the reception area too.

Prospects, customers, guests and suppliers will all be using your workspace at some point so may all need to be considered as part of your initial office design project.

3. What does our new office space need to contain?

It is good to start your project with a simple check list of the basics because it can be easy to overlook things as the project gains momentum.

Whilst they may seem obvious, it is easy to forget things so here are some basics to get you started, or feel free to download our more comprehensive Office Fit out Checklist 

  1. Office furniture such as desks and chairs
  2. Cupboard and storage space
  3. Cable management for flexible access to electricity and network points
  4. Partitioning, whether it be glass, screens, desk-mounted partitions or retractable walls
  5. Wall graphics and other decoration
  6. Lighting
  7. Flooring
  8. Break out furniture
  9. Agile working spaces

4. What is the available budget for this work?

This is an essential question to establish the answer to because it will determine the scope of your project. We would normally ask clients to think about their budget in one of two ways; either by cost per square foot of renovated space or per head of the number of staff that will use of the space.

5. Which areas are being included in the redesign and office fit out?

Whilst it might be tempting to only include the areas of your business that are most heavily used or on show the most, it is worth looking at your workspace as a whole and considering the impact of not including certain areas in the new design or layout. Will this date them or make them look less impressive, what impact will this have on your staff morale?

Equally, a new office fit out and design could suggest changes to how different areas could be used, so knowing ahead of the project, which areas you are flexible with can make a huge difference as the project unfolds.

6. How will it disrupt normal working?

This is a great question to ask before you embark on any major projects because it will tell you if and when you are able to go ahead with the work. We would always recommend asking this question of your design company too.

Also worth asking yourself ahead of time is; are your staff, or the work they do, flexible at all? Could they work remotely if necessary whilst the disruptive work is carried out? You should check if your office design company can be flexible to suit your normal work commitments such as working evening or weekends to minimise disruption to your business.

7. Are there any specific times of the year to avoid doing this work?

You know your business and its work cycles better than anyone so if it is possible, try and plan the bulk of the work to be carried out at a time when things are less busy for you.

If this isn’t possible, talk to your design company about the potential of phasing the office refurbishment project to break it up into manageable sizes as this is often a good way of minimising disruption.

8. Do we want to incorporate our brand into the new office design?

We are increasingly asked to design office spaces which incorporates brand colours, themes and even slogans and taglines.

The idea behind this is to create a sense of belonging and to reinforce the brand within the ethos and culture of the business. However, you don’t want it to lose its appeal so getting the balance between corporate branding and a plain, boring office is a difficult thing to get right.

An experienced office design company will get to know your business and the brand before putting any design suggestions to you to make sure they are getting this balance just right for your business.

9. Have we done our research?

If you are new to the office design and fit-out game, it is advisable that you do a little research so you know what is involved, it is a good idea to talk to anyone who has recently gone through a similar project to see if they have any lessons they could pass on. Look at case studies for ideas and styles that you might like.

10. How long do we expect this office redesign to last for?

Once you have an answer to this question, check it with your office deign company in case they are working to a different timeline. There may be parts of the project, which you aren’t aware of, that will take longer than you think. Equally, if you have a specific deadline you need them to work to, try to work with them from the get-go to ensure this deadline is met.

To discuss your next office design and fit out project, contact our design team now on 0370 360 2470 or drop us a line. 

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