Posted on February 10, 2016

Although the open plan culture tends to be the way many offices now operate there still remains a need to provide private working and meeting spaces.

The cause for open plan has been propounded long and loud, and there is no denying that for many teams the shift away from cellular offices has proved beneficial, however you only need to suggest that HR or Payroll works in the middle of an open plan office and watch the ensuing furore to realise that some enclosed spaces are still needed. This may also apply in some cases to senior management and directors.

Whether you need a directors’ suite or a small HR office, our team have the flair and expertise to enable you to get the most from your space.

Dividing Space

Open plan offices are extremely popular and are more cost-effective than enclosed offices, they optimise facilities and resources and create a more unified team working approach. Partitions can be used, either temporarily or permanently, to divide up the space, give privacy and improve the acoustics.

Different departments and project teams may be working in the same office, and partitions can be used to divide up the space and separate functions, which will reduce distractions and improve communication. Partitions can be used to divide up existing rooms, or create new ones, with minimum disruption and inconvenience. If a project team is disbanded or a department relocated, the partitions can be dismantled or moved, without costly building work.

In open plan offices often a lack of privacy can cause issues, partitions can help create areas where meetings and conversations can be held in private. Some departments, such as HR, Finance and Senior Management, require high levels of confidentiality and partitions are a cost-effective way to provide this. Privacy is important at a personal level; studies have shown that office workers in totally open-plan offices are less productive and have increased employee absences than those who have a clearly defined personal space. Partitions are an ideal way to create this necessary private work space.

Creating a Stylish Aesthetic

Many open plan offices use partitions to create an unimaginative, plain cubicle effect, but the right partitions can enhance the appearance of an office by creating an attractive aesthetic. Cubicles can be made more interesting with the use of paint or graphics, and our expert joinery is part of the partitioning package we offer to link with existing office furniture to improve the appearance of your office.

We offer an attractive range of glass partitions, which will let light through to give a bright and airy feel. These can have single or double glazing in order to give a high degree of sound proofing. Stained glass partitions are an attractive way to add colour and decoration to an office, and provide privacy without blocking light.

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