Posted on October 07, 2016

Costs can quickly spiral out of control when you are looking to design your office or workspace. Especially when there are so many different options available and features to consider.

Whether it’s a completely new office design or a refurbishment of your existing workspace, we suggest you follow these three steps when setting your office design budget:

1. Consider your budget in terms of price per head

This is a great way of setting your office design budget as it gives you a tangible starting point. This method also allows you to think of your office design in terms of the future of your business or workspace needs.

For example, if you have an office which can accommodate 10 people but only 5 members of staff currently work in it, it is probably worth considering your office design budget in terms of the maximum ten people who will eventually benefit from it rather than the current 5.

An average cost per person would be circa £1,500 for a full office design and fit out (outside of London). This can vary hugely though depending on the amount of fixtures and fittings required, the additional rooms that are being included in the budget (washrooms, break-out spaces and eating areas) and the amount of structural or building work that might be included in the design.

2. Know which rooms or spaces are included in the project

Cost per sq. ft. is another good way of thinking about your office design and fit out budget. If your business has a large operating space such as a showroom and / or large reception area with only a few members of staff, it is easier to set your budget in terms of square footage.

An average cost per sq. ft. would be in the region of £150. However, this would vary depending on the amount of furniture, fixtures and fittings that were required to meet your objective for the space.

If there is very little to do structurally, for example, this price could come down significantly, or if there is a lot of new, bespoke furniture required, it could go up considerably.

Using this method to help you set your office design budget can help you to set a benchmark but we would always recommend discussing the projects specific requirements with an experienced interior workspace design company.

3. Set a theme for your new office design

When it comes to office design, the possibilities really are endless with agile furniture options, extensive wall graphics, glass partitioning, floor to ceiling storage and soft furnishings all part of the many options you could consider.

So, if you have a theme or main objective, it is important to keep it in mind as this will help you to set your budget with your office design company.

Knowing what your central theme or objective is, will help you to set a realistic budget with your design company making it easier for them to provide you with design and quote options that are both feasible and realistic.



There are a number of different ways you can set your office design budget but the three main things to consider are: number of staff, amount of square footage and overall objective of your new office design and fit out.

Once you have considered steps one and two, we recommend sitting down with your design company and talking through the options for your new design. They will advise you with regards to furniture and fixtures and fittings options which fit your budget.

They will also be able to advise you on other options which you may not have considered as part of your budget that may affect the overall design, such as graphics, signage and acoustics.

Contact our office design team today on 0370 360 2470 for more information about setting a realistic design budget and getting a quote.

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