Posted on December 12, 2016

As more and more companies are being driven by a commitment to their core values and their main mission, office interior design trends are focused on providing both functionality and a contemporary style. Let’s take a closer look at some of the hottest office design trends for 2017.

Flexible, Functional Furniture

Any office refurbishment should include sleek, durable new furniture that meets the needs and desires of modern workers. Employees want greater flexibility in the workplace, allowing them the ability to move around the office comfortably and accomplish their tasks with greater ease. Furnishings that accommodate the creation of multimedia stations make meetings and brainstorming sessions run more smoothly. Desks with built in power adapters, charging ports, and even wireless charging capabilities will become more commonplace. Modular seating and easy to move desks make the creation of designated workspaces simple.


Outside In

One way to keep workers from feeling cooped up inside of the office is to incorporate natural design elements. Create a more open, airy atmosphere by bringing elements of the outdoors in to the workspace. Features like living walls with lush plants are not only visually appealing, but they also help with improving indoor air quality. Plants help to purify the air, and they also give workers a sense of being outside, which is both helpful and healthful when spending long hours in the office. Other natural touches to consider in an office fit out include a water feature, an edible garden, and when possible, plenty of natural light through uncovered windows and skylights.

Relaxation Areas

Many companies are realising the value of lounge areas that allow workers to relax for short times between tasks and meetings. The non-stop pace of busy, bustling offices can keep employees from taking the time that they need to recharge throughout the day. Forget the bland break rooms of yesterday, and instead create small areas with comfortable couches and convenient counters where the staff can sip on a latte and rest their feet. Employees will be able to step away from their work stations to enjoy a few minutes of relaxation and socialisation with co-workers when they need it. 


Communal Workspaces

Gone are the rows of identical cubicles at many companies, as more open communal workspaces take their place. Many employers believe in encouraging a team dynamic, opting for open work areas with desks clustered together. This allows for a greater sense of collaboration, and makes information sharing among co-workers easier. For this design to work well, it’s essential that the work stations are fully equipped with technology-focused furnishings offering plenty of outlets and charging ports. 

If you are planning a commercial fit out, be sure to take these office design ideas into consideration. Today’s office design trends reflect a younger workforce, an increasing reliance on technology, and a desire for greater flexibility. With the right workspace design, companies can inspire both their workers and clients.

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