Posted on May 18, 2016

The purpose of any reception area is to welcome visitors and set the tone of the office, making your clients feel comfortable and relaxed before they enter the main office. 

High ceilings and natural lighting are a great way to make people feel at ease. If your office is located in a place that gets lots of sunlight and good views, take advantage of this by keeping the space as open as possible. The reception area is the face of the company, where first impressions count, make sure your reception reflects your true company image and values- a place that your visitors will remember. 

The reception area is where your company welcomes its clients, potential customers, prospective employees, investors and suppliers. Its essential that your office reception design reflects how you want each and every visitor to perceive you. 

Some reception areas double up as meeting points, whilst other visitors will simply be passing through, so consider whether you need soft seating, hot desk areas or just a couple of chairs. Many reception areas offer visitors somewhere to plug in their laptops or phone so power sockets and chargers could be an option depending on the role your reception area plays. 

The reception has the highest footfall within your office space so durable and long lasting materials and finishes are a must. Specialist entrance surfaces that remove dirt and moisture from feet ensure floor coverings are adequately protected and maintenance costs are reduced.

The reception desk is an important part of your reception; new desks need to be "Disability Discrimination Act 2005" (DDA) compliant with lower counter tops enabling wheelchair users easy access.

Your reception is the perfect place to reinforce your brand and communicate your company message. There are lots of different ways of doing this through a clever use of graphics, vinyls, glass etching, acrylics, the list is endless.

Your office reception area is the obvious choice for promoting your branding, but it goes further than that. Your reception area should embody your organisational identity. Whether the message you are trying to communicate is creativity, transparency, innovation and/or team work, your reception should reflect this. 


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