12 February 18

Coffee Culture in the Workplace


Worldwide 2 billion cups of coffee are drunk every 24 hours. 55 million of those cup are consumed in

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09 February 18

8 quick wins to freshen up your office


Sometimes you know that the workplace isn’t what it could be but the expense of a total refurbishmen

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08 February 18

February Buzzword: Employee-centric


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19 January 18

What does the colour of your office say about the way you work?


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15 January 18

The Six Hottest Trends in Office Design for 2018


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21 December 17

New Year, New Look? 8 Quick Wins to Freshen Up Your Office


Start 2018 right with a fresh and exciting new approach to the workplace

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15 December 17

December Buzzword of the month: Wellbeing


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21 November 17

When did the office space become a home?


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03 November 17

November Buzzword of the month: Biophilic


This months buzzword is based on biophilic and how it can benefit an office space.

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