21 November 17

When did the office space become a home?


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03 November 17

November Buzzword of the month: Biophilic


This months buzzword is based on biophilic and how it can benefit an office space.

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18 October 17

Stressed out at work?


Don’t worry. You’re not the only one feeling this way and there are simple steps to take to reduce t

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26 September 17

Co-working: The answer to a happy workforce


The focus on Co-working and how it can be influential to a business and their future.

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11 September 17

Is your office Biophilic friendly?


Understanding the effects of nature on the workplace and the effect it has.

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22 August 17

Get your workspace right to attract and retain millennials


Understanding the mindset of the new generation is key to business growth and development.

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17 August 17

To open plan, or not to open plan


A crucial question when it comes to productivity. To creativity. To work processes. To functionality

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10 August 17

Are your work perks good enough?


Businesses are realising that just simply paying their staff a wage isn’t good enough anymore

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31 July 17

Get your heads together: the benefits of co-working


The new way of working and how it is being embedded into the work place.

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